About Us


Lanka Mountcastle an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company, was established in 1994. Its core business is to offer the widest range of embroidery and garment embellishment services to the Sri Lankan apparel industry. Its state of the art factory offers many different embroidery techniques, including Chenille, Chain Stitch, Cording, Beading, Coiling, Zigzag, Moss, Appliqué, Laser cutting, Mould cutting, and Sequin attach. There are 40 embroidery machines, varying in size from 6 to 20 heads, though most are the larger machines with 18 or 20 heads. Most have 15 needles each, able to sew 15 color embroidery. Although the machines are able to embroider finished garments, the bulk of the work is carried out in cut piece form.

Computerized embroidery digitizing and cutting services are also offered to companies without this expertise, but who have their own embroidery machines. Customers have a choice of WINGS, Ethos or EPC WIN digitized patterns. Lasers are used for cutting appliqué pieces. Ultrasonic cutting is often used for cutting round ends of embroidery such as badges.

The machines are a mix of ZSK and Tajima, the different makes providing different features, the choice of which is used for a particular order depending on the design. 25% of production is carried out for its knitted hats and its associate headwear companies, with the remaining 75% catering to the other companies in the garment industry. The Northern Irish Marks and Spencer supplier Desmond’s Sri Lankan joint venture is a major customer.


The company utilizes the very latest of technology, but even with this many designs necessitate multi-operations. Combination machines enable different operations to be carried out on the same machine, such as tape and ribbon attaching, cording and beading, though some designs have to be hand embroidered and/ or hand beaded. The combination of screen printing, embroidery and sequin attaching is particularly popular at the moment, as are sequins on their own, feathered cording and threaded beads. Combinations of hand and machine embroidery and raised 3D embroidery with foam backings are also very popular. A recent dog design incorporated appliqué, machine embroidery, chenille, button sewing and individual hand beading. Apart from cutting out appliqués, lasers are used for engraving fabrics, and for ‘kiss cutting’, where two layers fabric are used with the laser only cutting the top ply enabling the fabric to show through. Average order sizes range from 1,000 to 10,000 pieces per production run, though these tend to be smaller and more diverse.


Lanka MountCastle is the preferred embroidery and diamante attaché facility for the ZIP Project, which is a part of Marks and Spencer, after having serviced it for a number of years. A “State of the Art” machine using European technology is used to attach the diamante Rhine stones, using a combination of glue, heat and pressure with laser lights for accurate positioning.

Although the Company makes heavy investment in terms of machinery and equipment, we also recognize that to provide a good service, we need to employ the best people. Over 450 are employed within Mountcastle, most of whom are young and enterprising, with most managers and supervisors promoted internally, originating from product lines.

Customer service and quality is what makes LMC stand out from other embroidery companies. From contract embroidery to screen printing, LMC has grown to become one stop shopping for the garment embellishment trade in Sri Lanka. Whether you need 500 stitches or 500,000 stitches, LMC is here to service your needs and help make your Company stand out.