Associate Companies

Statesman Hats (Pvt) Ltd., Fabrex Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Lanka Knitters (Pvt) Ltd.,
Continental Fashions (Pvt.) Ltd.,
Blue Star Marine Ltd.

Continental Fashions (Pvt.) Ltd.

Company incorporated in the year 1984  to manufacture millinery products and garments.

Factory is equipped with the latest machinery in the millinery industry. Products manufactured for export are Plain embroidered , Silk Screen Printed Baseball Caps in the form of mesh back, cotton and poly-cotton caps manufactured with imported and local raw material and accessories. Boxer shorts, T-Shirts, Ladies Blouse manufactured with imported and local raw material and accessories. 



Statesman Hats (Pvt) Ltd

A joint venture company with an Australian partner producing felted, leather, braid & uniform hats, peak caps and high-fashion ladies hats to the Australian and U.S markets.



Fabrex Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Fabrex International are the worlds only suppliers of the patented Fabrex “Three Dimensional” motifs for garment, bags and footwear products. Thirty years experience combined with the pre-eminent creative facility in this field allied to the largest manufacturing capacity ensure a firm foundation that Fabrex International Ltd, Can deliver both ideas and the products that flow from these ideas.

The product development programs have produced innovative solutions for many worldwide brands to increase the impact of their products. The latest range of PVC free products for both 3D motifs and heat transfers clearly demonstrate the success our Fabrex’s investment in research and creativity produce.

Most worldwide brands and store groups use our motifs because they know that they have passed laboratory tests and that they are reliable and durable. Millions of motifs over many years maintain that confidence

Led by our offices in the UK and in the USA, we have a commitment to supplying and applying Fabrex motifs worldwide. We have set up close working relationships with companies around the world, which has led to the setting up of “Fabric Centers of Excellence.” These are facilities recommended by Fabrex International Ltd. For the application of Fabrex motifs.

Fabrex Lanka is a joint venture between Lanka Mountcastle (Pvt) Ltd and Fabrex International Ltd.


Lanka Knitters (Pvt) Ltd.

A BOI approved company incorporated on 7 th March 2003 in collaboration with Alba Health - Health Products Division of Alba-Waldensian, Inc (A Member of the Global TEFRON, LTD. Group), USA and we manufacture knitted cuffs for surgical gowns for export to non quota markets.

While we carry out the manufacturing operations in Sri Lanka, the marketing and sales are handled by the Alba Health office in Rockwood, USA.

Manufacturers of knitted hats, knitted scarves, sweaters, blankets, scarves and booties for export. Uses both Circular and Flat Bed Machines in its operations.


Blue Star Marine Ltd .

Blue Star Marine Ltd.  is Sri Lanka's leading manufacturer of fibre glass boats. Its capabilities range from leisure boats for the export market in Europe and Asia , to boats for day fishing and multi-day fishing. Ensures the best level of quality and craftmanship goes into every single product. The technology of using fibre glass moulds which are then hand worked to a finish allows time to optimise to market,so that customers do not have long to  wait after placing the order, and yet allows to ensure the quality and safety of every single boat.