Embroidery, Digitising, High Frequency Motif Transfer, Screen Prinitng, Cutting Dies,
Laser Cutting, Ultra Sonic Cutting, Knitting


Lanka Mountcastle (Pvt.) Ltd. (LMC) provides computerized embroidery services. The apparel and merchandise industry is exploding and embroidery is everywhere, and you can capitalize on this by making LMC your embroider.

Embroidery has been used for generations to produce unique and personalized clothing, promotional products and gifts. Unlike printed goods, embroidery lasts longer, can look three dimensional and in most cases outlasts the life of the garment. Embroidery ads a professional look to your shirts, jackets, hats or sweatshirts and is a great choice for your Company, school, organization or event. If you have a specific logo or image, we will digitize it to produce a high quality design. An embroidery machine requires a special file format that tells the machine the length of stitches, where to place them and where to make colour changes.

Most materials can be embroidered, as long as they can be put onto the machine and a needle can pierce the surface. Common items to embroider are all types of clothing, caps, and hats, nylon, cloth or leather bags, towels and cloth chair backs. When a design is digitized, the digitizer should take into account the type of material the design would be stitched on.



Digitizing or punching : Is the process of Converting artwork into a series of commands which tells an embroidery machine frame how to move through the machine operating system. The word Punching actually comes from the traditional jacquard embroidery machines. The code that tells the machine frame how to move comes from a tape that were punched with holes. These holes were the code or in Digitizing or punching design is the process of converting artwork such as vector scanned artwork(.bmp,tif,) into digital embroidery. This can be done by the use of embroidery digitizing software and a skillful digitizing artist to interpret that particular design.


High Frequency Motif Transfer

This is a form of embellishment service to obtain  3 Dimensional Motifs for garments, bags and footwear products using the patented "Fabrex" high frequency motif welding machines. This form of embellishment increases the impact of the products marketed.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing offers a good alternative to embroidery for larger designs. Using screen printing for promotional products or garments provides an affordable sales and marketing tool. Screen printing is an attractive and highly visible way to create customized apparel with your logo or design.

Screen printing involves using printing ink which is heat cured. Exceptional screen printing withstands machine washing and drying. Screen printing is not susceptible to cracking and fading when dried in a drier.


Cutting Dies

Manufacture of dies for cuts  required for applique on light coloured material in order to retain the natural colour on the edges of the material
It is also required for material which need flared edges.

Cutting dies are also required for the manufacture of hats, caps , shoes, bags etc. for cutting of designs to appropriate shapes. It is relatively cheaper for bulk cutting of materials compared to laser cutting.


Laser Cutting

Lasers are used for cutting out complicated appliqué pieces. Super/mould cutting is often used for cutting round ends of embroidery such as badges.



Manufactures wide range of  knitted products including knitted hats, knitted scarves, sweaters, blankets , scarves and booties.